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The Babbling Beaver Needs You!

The Babbling Beaver, unlike its exemplar the Babylon Bee, is an unmonetized labor of (tough) love. We proudly publish transgressive satire three times a week skewering the wacky Wokies trying to turn MIT into Oberlin. Our 75th beaver dropping just ran (you can peruse the entire collection here), but we need your help to maintain this pace.

We don’t need money. We need more reader-submitted samizdat, including raw story suggestions based on real-life campus outrages. The sharpest parodies shine a spotlight on the parade of horribles regularly served up by MIT’s Social Justice Warriors, egged on by inane virtue signaling pronouncements from MIT’s president, provost, and chancellor. The websites of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Socialists Sciences and the vast DEI bureaucracy complex are great places to look for malodorous material, if you can stomach it.

Sharpen your wits and give it a shot! You can anonymously submit your handiwork here. Don’t be bashful, our editors will buff up whatever you send. We also need volunteer marketing support from experts in social media, search engine optimization, and anyone skilled in the tricks of the trade to expand readership. Please contact BabblingBeaver@BabblingBeaver.com if you’d like to join our covert crew of contemptuous corsairs.

The Beaver thanks you for your support. Help us save STEM, the last redoubt desperately resisting the long march through the institutions. Aargh!


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