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Move over DEI: Excellence, Belonging, and Community (EBC) is the new virtue trifecta

Did you know that MIT has a self-identified “humanistic” faculty, distinguishing themselves from STEM professors who are either on the wrong side of history or haven’t yet discovered their inner wokeness? These specially endowed humans have a new web publication called Envision championing excellence, belonging, and community. Because MIT apparently never had these things until they came along.

Learn how to hold Juneteenth sacred, because annually sticking a thumb in the eye of white people whose ancestors hail from Texas and therefore carry irradicable original sin brings people together. Share the anguish over the “revelation that a handful of our faculty colleagues had accepted recurring financial donations from, and even invited to campus, a convicted, level-three sex offender,” not all of whom have been cancelled yet. Stay heartsick and enraged over longstanding inequality and exploitation by systemically racist, sexist, and transphobic MIT colleagues because that’s how you enhance community. And learn about new ways of knowing that refuse to privilege reason, because that is the path to humanistic excellence.

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