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Say hello to Physics Justice

Plopping a plethora of prefixes such as social, racial, economic, or environmental in front of justice is a powerful mindjacking tool. But wordsmithing alone can’t usher in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive utopia. Woke Man’s Burden requires ensuring that every field of human endeavor gets problematized, politicized, decolonized, and transgenderized. So, it is with great pride that MIT’s Assistant Dean of Sacramental Compliance announces the launching of Physics Justice.

Physics Justice doesn’t end with rewriting Maxwell’s Equations to better shed light on our racist past, or reformulating Newton’s Laws of Motion to include indigenous ways of levitating. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle takes on new relevance when applied to gender superfluidity, and Ohm’s Law becomes the mantra of a new transcendental consciousness.

There is no limit to what can be accomplished rewriting physics curricula following guidelines that will be laid down by MIT’s Design Justice Pedagogy Summit this August 24-26. Help unprivilege students who can breeze through partial differential equations in favor of those fluent in culture-compliant doublespeak. Because tomorrow belongs to them.


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