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Environmental justice requires linguistic pretzel making

The MIT Office of Sustainability is the world’s leading promoter of environmental justice, as you can see from the finely crafted word salad on its website. Diversity, equity, belonging, inclusion, stewardship, strategic priorities, racial injustice, pollution, unequal distribution, community, renewable, sustainable, BINGO! A prize goes to anyone who can figure out the rational connection among all these inspirational totems.

Meanwhile, although passionately advocating for equality burnishes our collective virtue, can you imagine the carbon nightmare of 8 billion people consuming as much energy as Americans? That’s why it is imperative to demonize the use of fossil fuels by marginalized groups in underdeveloped countries trying to improve their standard of living the same way we did. Instead, let us leverage their indigenous knowledge to develop tasty bug stew recipes that can be simmered over a dung fire while we preform demonstration projects for the media charging up their cellphones with solar panels. Yummy, and ecologically responsible too.


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