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Blowback is unfair to cancel-culture mob leaders with sensitive feelings

What’s a DEI-admit suffering from imposter syndrome to do? You righteously join a Twitter mob to cancel an invited lecturer for daring to blaspheme against woke orthodoxy and end up inundated with hate mail. Such social injustice cannot go unanswered.

In order to resolve the free speech crisis at MIT, lame duck president L. Rafael Reif has called for a new ad hoc working group to recommend policies to protect righteous Twitter mob participants from having their feelings hurt. “Destroying someone’s career because they expressed views you don’t like is no reason to have your feelings hurt by your victim’s uncouth defenders. This makes you the real victim. Your speech must be protected because science.”

In other news, the MIT community eagerly awaits the final report of the Free Expression Working Group to see what counter-policies the DEI Deanocracy puts in place to vitiate the faculty’s recommendations.

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