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Hip-Hop star Lupe Fiasco appointed MLK visiting professor at MIT

They call me Lupe Fiasco, Wasalu Muhammad Jaco I was born.

My daddy be Black Panther, make you whiteys so forlorn.

Take a gander at my lyrics, they be hotter than your porn

And if you don’t like my style, I will bury you with scorn.

MIT ain’t just no STEM school, there be Wokies on the move

And the arts are just the venue to get students in that groove.

Only racists and deplorables will dare to disapprove.

Let me be your new professor and your mind I will improve.

The long march has been a journey led by artists all the way.

The antenna of the race, let you know what thoughts hold sway.

So as learned institutions fall to crumble and decay

Say hello to your new masters and be sure that you obey.


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