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UMass launches The Flickering Beacon following the Babbling Beaver’s trail

Joining the fight against the woke pandemic eating the brain matter of American universities, say hello to The Flickering Beacon, a satire webzine featuring “exclusive stories of UMass Boston’s wacky wokery.” Offering a hat tip to the Beaver, pseudonymous pranksters Frank & Louie introduce their merry band as “a group of brave men (or women!) at UMass Boston, following the steps of our dearest brothers (or sisters!), the Babbling Beavers at MIT.”

Poking fun at UMass’s $1.3M diversity-besotted rebranding campaign, a restorative justice commission redefining the nature of academic integrity much the way San Francisco redefined shoplifting, and an upgraded privilege walk designed to force white-adjacent Asians into a defensive crouch, the Flickering Beacon is off to a raucous start.

Has your university become an embarrassment to rational humanity? Would you rather donate money to the Society for Assisted Suicide than give it to your wayward alma mater? Don’t just sit there, start a satire webzine of your own! As Mark Twain once said, “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” 

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