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MIT Sloan School goes full SJW – Workplace joy requires woke CEOs

The Joy Gap is the new thing. Experts say that nothing squelches employee joy more than bosses who don’t speak out against social injustice, vocally supporting Black Lives Matter and LGBTQI+. CEOs must become the empathizing servants of their psychologically sensitive employees. We are all Disney now. (Pay no attention to “Go woke, go broke.”)

Toxic, joy-killing norms must be eliminated. Pay and promotion must be tied to advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into every corporate nook and cranny. Employees must feel safe to speak their minds and be themselves. Except for uppity cis white male heteronormative patriarchal appropriating colonialist science-denying vaccine-hesitant pro-life conservatives who are sick and tired of all this. Refuseniks must be made to shut up, and cancelled if they don’t. Only then can love and joy conquer all.

If you think the Babbling Beaver made all this up, go read “To Have Joy in the Workplace, There Must Be Justice for All” in the latest Sloan Review.

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