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Space. The identity frontier. Woke slogans go where none have gone before.

Only MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts & Socialist Sciences has the power to launch DEI into space, embarking on a new campaign to expand woke consciousness into the cosmos. Advocating for an Indigenous People’s approach to the Earth to be extended to the Moon and stars, the latest SHASS diversity poster boy asks: “How can we make space sustainable?”

“For a lot of Native Americans, certain things like the Moon have a spirit that should be respected. If you’re outside looking at the trees or the mountains, you’ve got to treat them with a certain respect,” he says. “That’s something that Indigenous People, based on their own experiences, can contribute to the conversation.”

Oh great Moon Spirit, hear our prayers. Let not colonialist despoilers disturb your baren sacredness. Entreat the asteroids to cling tightly to their resources lest they be appropriated by patriarchal industrialists. Don’t let conquistador Elon Musk steal Mars from the Martians. Amen.


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