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MIT Earth & Planetary Sciences to rename racist mountains, rivers and valleys

“Thousands of mountains, valleys and rivers located on public lands have racist and problematic names. These names perpetuate a history of colonial oppression in the United States and have resulted in public lands that are not welcoming and inclusive places.”

Social justice demands the reeducation of all systemic racists who cling to colonial mythologies. Register Now as this important event is scheduled for tomorrow – Tuesday, April 19 at 3pm Eastern Time. (No kidding, this is real.)

Speaking as an oppressed indigenous birthing person, Senator Elizabeth Warren promised recorded greetings to the scientific leaders organizing this event, earlier masterminds of the Dorian Abbot cancellation. Because the ignorant public is increasingly tuning out dire warnings of imminent climate catastrophe, distracted by trivialities like soaring gas prices, runaway inflation, rampant crime, and the threat of nuclear war, climate scientists must learn to leverage anti-racism if they hope to maintain their grant funding.

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