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The Babbling Beaver opens nominations for the MIT Smarmy Toady Award

MIT Smarmy Toady Award

In order to recognize excellence among the fellow travelers and useful idiots complicit in the ongoing woke transformation of MIT, the Babbling Beaver seeks nominations for the inaugural Smarmy Toady Award. This timely new accolade is expected to eclipse the once coveted but now politically incorrect Institute Screw.

“Currying favor with the DEI Deanocracy while seeking safety from woke Twitter mobs has become the new way of life at MIT,” spoke the Beaver in a rare moment of seriousness. “Manipulating toadies is how an empowered vocal minority has been advancing a broad agenda of turning the world’s leading STEM institution into a Social Justice Warrior factory. Such accomplishments require appropriate recognition.”

Nominations for the most obsequious and insufferable administrator, faculty member, or alumni association leader deserving of the prestigious Smarmy Toady can be submitted here. Nominations must be accompanied by a 150-word explanation of why the nominee is on the right side of history.

Photoshop credit: Jawad Baig

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