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Identity-based dorms thrive at MIT “Separation is not segregation!”

Responding to problematic accusations that MIT is fostering racial, ethnic, and dysphoric segregation, the Office of Identity-Based Student Life launched a series of webinars designed to counter partisan pundits spreading false dichotomies.

“MIT has a duty to promote safe, isolated spaces for each and every marginalized group,” explained the Institute Community and Equity Officer (ICEO). “As of April 1st, our growing staff has identified over 350 distinct groups that need protection, from genderqueer bisexual Latinx to nonbinary differently-abled Asian, with additional oppressed groups being discovered every day.”

President Reif’s ad hoc task force for identity inculcation was formed a year ago and has been working tirelessly to locate all oppressed minorities on campus. The goal is to ensure that every group has its own designated space for living and socializing where members can feel free to express themselves without fear of microaggressions, colonization, or cultural appropriation.

Major capital projects are underway to subdivide every dorm into disconnected suites to better accommodate future expansion of the program. Separate but equal water fountains are also being installed across campus.

Story submitted by Little Caesar.  Photoshop credit: Jawad Baig

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