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Ghost of William Barton Rogers haunts SHASS hallways searching for his society

Ever since the quiet cancellation of the William Barton Rogers Society that once honored MIT’s most loyal donors, the ghost of the disappeared founder and first president of MIT has been reported lurking the hallways of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences searching for his postmortem lynchers.

Click on https://giving.mit.edu/wbrs/ and you can watch him disappear before your very eyes.

Critical Race Theorists determined to rewrite MIT’s history, casting the world’s leading STEM institution founded in the capital of American abolitionism as a patriarchal nest of white supremacists founded atop the legacy of slavery, successfully cancelled the old man without anyone noticing. Scrubbing the MIT website of all traces of the WBR Society is a work in progress, redirecting links to stories about the Emma Rogers Society that don’t suffer from her husband’s revisionist odour.

Alumni donors alarmed by rising cancel culture might consider looking into the recently established MIT Concerned Donors Fund as an alternative to financing their alma mater’s transformation into Oberlin.


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