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Men and womxn who identify as Napoleon deserve equal rights now!

The MIT Program in Women’s & Gender Studies in conjunction with the Intersectional Empowerment division of MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning today announced a program to advance the civil rights of the latest oppressed minority seeking affirmation and social justice – people who identify as Napoleon.

“Hegemonic psychiatrists have long marginalized our brothers and sisters who embody the lived experience of the Man of Destiny by claiming they suffer from a so-called Napoleon Delusion,” chided the spokeswomxn for the sixty affiliated faculty and lecturers of MIT’s fastest growing academic concentration. “We must empower and honor these people just as we honor transgender collegiate swimmers who elevate women’s athletics to higher standards of excellence.”

The newly appointed Dean of LGBTQN quickly hired a staff of thirty-two administrative assistants armed with sharpies to add an N to all banners, posters, statues, and graffiti on campus.

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