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MIT School of Humanities and Social Justice goes all-in on partisan politics

Democracy is crumbling, and what better way to save it than to have the world’s formerly leading STEM institution shed all pretense of non-partisan, scholarly objectivity? Check out “21st Century Democracy,” the latest political weaponization of Critical Theory, brought to you by the SHASS brigade slowly taking over MIT.

Learn how everything is about Race. No, everything is about Gender. No, everything is about Colonialism. No, wait, everything is about Sexuality. Identity. Climate Justice. Hegemonic Patriarchy. White Supremacy. To the barricades!

With midterm elections fast approaching, threatening to undo the gains made by decree during the golden period of equitable and inclusive one-party rule, learn how what was once a rump humanities service department trying to give the STEM nerds a little exposure to subjects besides math and science has become a powerhouse of progressive pedagogy rivaling Yale and Oberlin.

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