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Calling all clever MIT faculty, students, and alumni – help save the ‘Tute!

Attention transgressive nerds: The Babbling Beaver needs your defiant erudition and rapier wit to help defend the world’s top STEM university from a total Woke takeover. Published three times a week, the Beaver’s searing samizdat is aimed at mocking the bloated Deanocracy, collaborationist administration, and SHASS fifth columnists determined to turn MIT into Oberlin by making everything a conflict over race, gender, and identity.

The editorial staff of the Beaver can’t wage this war-of-words alone. We need clever content contributed by wags like you to help us shine a satirical spotlight on the practices, policies, and pedagogues driving MIT deeper into the Critical Theory swamp. Your pseudonymity is assured via our blind submissions page. So please, shed your fears of cancellation, sharpen your tongue, shout a hearty aargh, and shovel us your best … beaver droppings.

If you are a student willing to print and post our subversive missives on campus bulletin boards, dodging anonymous microaggression tipsters as you slip stealthily through the night, may the force be with you.

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